What Is a Life Coach?

A professional life coach helps you overcome self-limiting beliefs, identify goals and provide tools to overcome obstacles and challenges that may prevent you from reaching your fullest potential. A life coach will help you recognize your skills, gifts and strengths.

Working with a life coach can be life-changing!

It's important to note, a life coach is not a licensed mental health professional or therapist. If you are distressed, or experiencing mental health symptoms such as feelings of hopelessness, please seek immediate assistance from a mental health professional.

See: Differences Between a Therapist and Life Coach

Is a life coach the right choice for me?

  • A life coach can help you get “unstuck” or realize a fuller potential.

  • A life coach can supplement therapy to help you see the "big picture" moving forward.

  • A life coach can help you find a better work/life balance.

  • A life coach can help you find more enjoyment and purpose in life.

  • A life coach can enhance your creative skills and talents.

  • A life coach can help you work through fear, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs.

  • A life coach can help reduce procrastination and improve goal attainment.

  • A life coach can help you in your interpersonal relationships.

Choose a life coach if you want to work with a wellness professional who places importance on your well-being and will work closely with you to keep you motivated and accountable for your goals.

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