5 Reasons Why You Need a Vision Board and How to Make One

Updated: Jan 14

Are you ready for 2021 already? Is 2021 ready for you?! Manifest your best year with a vision board.

It's not woo, vision boards work. It has been proven that what we focus on expands. A vision board is a physical representation of a your desires and the goals that you’re aiming to achieve.

When you have your vision board displayed in a space where you see it daily, your vision board brings your goals and aspirations to life.

Why create a vision board?

  1. Vision boards make you consider what it is you really want and what brings you joy.

  2. Vision boards are a daily reminder of things that represent who you are at a soul level.

  3. Vision boards can help you rewire your thinking to focus on how to bring ideas to life.

  4. Vision boards can keep you motivated when considering your long-term goals.

  5. The process of creating a vision board is fun!

What materials do I need?

Simply using a piece of paper and some colored pencils, markers or pens is a great place to start.

You could find a nice large piece of poster board, recycle cardboard from a box or even use a piece of board or wood. You might draw images, write words, use photographs and keepsakes, or collect images from magazines.

Not so crafty? You can do this digitally too! In my workshop, I will also go over some free online resources for finding quality images, putting together a collage and getting posters printed.

You might like to draft your vision board during our workshop first, then add to it or find a way to incorporate this into your home in a beautiful way so that you can see it easily every day.

How do I create a Vision Board?

I run live vision-board workshops with prompts. I will also be publishing a YouTube how-to soon, so stay tuned! Subscribe to my channel

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