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Amazing transformations take place when you begin to live life authentically. You develop self-love, you attract like-minded people, your self-limiting beliefs start to slip away and you begin to feel unstuck. 

Do you want to live your fullest, most authentic life, but perhaps don't know where to begin? Or, maybe you already know what you want from life... kind-of.

If you're ready for that extra push and support to help you uncover your most authentic, heart-centered path I would be honored to guide you toward success. 

What's included?

The course on Finding Your Authentic Self includes:

  • 6 learning modules

  1. Know Yourself​

  2. Self-Concept

  3. Self-Acceptance

  4. Self-Love

  5. Life Purpose

  6. Living Authentically

  • The modules contain over 50 lessons.

  • Lessons include text and video content, plus hands-on exercises that support participants with different learning preferences. 

  • 2 x live group coaching sessions are scheduled throughout the course to support participants. If you can't make the scheduled time, these are recorded for later viewing.


  • Workbook

  • Affirmations worksheets

  • Guided meditation

This course is designed to be completed over 6 weeks, but there is no expiration date or time limit. You can complete the modules at your own pace or revisit the course to refresh your knowledge after the initial 6 weeks.

Whether you're taking a course or not, you can also join our amazing communities to connect with me and other participants for additional support on your journey: