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Welcome, brave soul. It's no accident you're here. You are taking the first steps toward making lasting life changes. Congratulations! Make yourself at home.

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Hello! I'm your certified life coach, Jessica Jensen.

I am a playful, creative spirit. In addition to coaching others, I'm an artist, actress, clown, acrobat, dancer, and mom to a busy toddler.


I became a life coach after undergoing my own total transformation. Nothing in my life seemed "wrong" from the outside, but I felt stuck; like I was just going through the motions. I knew I was meant to be doing more with my life.   

Turns out, there was a big problem. I'd lost my sense of self! I ended up going through a divorce, losing my friends, my financial security disappeared, I relocated, and I was thrown into a journey of self-discovery.

Not only did I bounce back, but I am living a more fulfilled life than ever before! I'm relaxed, I'm doing what I love, I am grateful daily for the abundance and blessings in my life. I feel whole again.

And you can too! 

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Mindful Mandala Making.


Join my FREE live class where we'll be exploring creating a Mandala!

It's totally free. Pour yourself a coffee or drink of preference and we'll create simple, yet beautiful artworks using the mandala technique.


The process of creating Mandala art is very meditative. All you need is paper and a pen or pencil, plus something round like a drinking glass or tumbler (or an artist's compass if you have one!) You can optionally doodle or color your creation.

Learn more about connecting with your emotions in your artwork, or just mindfully go through the motions. This is a great way to create a Mother's Day card too.

See you Thursday, May 6 at 2PM (Pacific Time).